Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bad Luck

This past week has been insane, to say the least. Wednesday my grandpa had a mild heart attack and was admitted to the hospital because 3 of his main arteries were blocked. The first hospital he was at didn't do open-heart surgery so they had to transfer him. Yesterday, they performed a successful surgery. The presumed triple bypass turned into a quadruple bypass as they found one more blocked artery during the operation. So for a whole week I've been at the hospital almost every day. This took my family totally by surprise because he is typically a very healthy old man. To add to the chaos, I was staying at my cousins house this past weekend. A year and a half ago they rescued a Black Lab/Husky mix. It was a beautiful dog with ice blue eyes. It used to be a stray. About 2 months ago I was over at my cousins house studying. The 2 dogs (they have one more dog) were playing in the middle of the room while me and my cousin were sitting and doing homework. The doorbell rang and my cousin sprung up to get it & the black lab attacked her. He bit the back of her leg and scratched her shoulder. This was all very scary and they thought it was a freak accident. They thought about putting it down but decided not to because they were going to put it through behavioral lessons. Well, my aunt was gone with my mom on a girls weekend (hence me staying at my cousins) and the dog is really protective of my aunt. Well, I sat down on the couch about a cushion away from the dog and he must have gotten territorial because it's where my aunt usually sits, and he attacked me. He bit my face. It was the scariest thing. I felt his teeth puncture my skin and sink into my cheek. All I remember during the attack is screaming and wanting this dog off of me. I was thinking, what was I going to look like? I was praying he wouldn't start ripping or pulling. Then he let go of my face and started biting my wrist. Since I was sitting on the couch, the dog was very much bigger than me when he stood up and pounced on my face. As soon as the dog let go, I ran upstairs and started sobbing. My cousins were crying also, we were all so scared. I called my mom right away while my cousins called my aunt and uncle. My uncle, who was at work about 20 minutes away, rushed home and decided to take me to the ER just for them to clean it up and possibly get a stitch. I had 4 puncture wounds (one was really deep, probably from the canine tooth) and a bruised up wrist (which was not good for my joint issues). The dog is out of their house and they took it to a shelter. My aunt and mom met us at the ER and the nurse practitioner cleaned it up, put Steri-Strips on it (a stitch would increase the chance of scarring), gave me 2 shots in my hips to get me jump started on my antibiotics, and gave me antibiotic pills. The past couple of days I have looked like a chipmunk. Honestly. But today, my swelling went down in my cheek a little. Good thing, right? Nope. It moved up. Now my cheek was still a little swollen, but now my eye was swollen also. Back to the ER. Yay, 2nd time within a week. They took 5 vials of blood and I had to take a CT scan. We were there for 4 hours. The doctor called the plastic surgeon and he said he wants to see me as soon as possible tomorrow morning. So guess where I'm going tomorrow? The plastic surgeon. Luckily, Emily is coming with :) I told her I never thought I would be seeing a plastic surgeon at 14 haha! Well, even though I haven't had the best luck lately with all these medical issues, I will continue to keep my head up and remember that God has a plan. I do not blame my aunt and uncle at all for the dog attack. It wasn't their fault and I know that they feel so guilty. I actually love them even more after this because this shows me how much they truly care for me. They are amazing people and I know that this is the last thing they wanted to happen. I will post tomorrow morning after I see the plastic. Well, the current situations could've been a lot worse so I am just thankful that my grandpa is okay and that my face will heal.


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