Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Is Going By Too Fast.

Do you ever want to out your life on pause for a second? Just to stop and breathe. I've missed so much school and now I have a pile of makeup work. On the bright side, things are going great :) Ill list them. Because I like lists.

  1. Theres barely any drama with my friends now and they're so supportive. 
  2. When I go back to school, I get so many smiles, compliments, and "I'm so happy your back, I've missed you!" from everyone.
  3. My daddy is coming home in 8 days
  4. It's the holiday season!
  5. So many people have been really nice to me lately
Anyway, theres more just those are just a few :) With all these things happening, I wish I could just put life on pause for a while. I'm worried that I'm not appreciating everything & it's going to be gone someday. Because when you become happy, life is out to change that. I just want to take in the moment .


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