Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lots of Support!

I have been getting so much support lately! It's amazing how many people care and worry about me. I've gotten so many texts, calls, and people who have been coming over with gifts. Everyone is really pulling together and supporting me in my time of need. One of my best friends, Danielle Turner, made my day by sending me the most priceless text.

We haven't seen each other since 1st grade but we are still very close and we have each others backs. I am so thankful for her ongoing friendship and hope that we will remain close in the years to come :) My family has been amazing also. They have been very understanding with my chronic pain and limitations to do some everyday things. I am praying that everything will go well at the hospital and I will keep posting while I am up there! I am so so thankful for everyone who has been here for me. I couldn't love you guys any more :)


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