Monday, November 5, 2012

Meet My Best Friend :)

10 years ago I was in kindergarten. I noticed this really shy girl in my class named Maddie. One day, we started talking and she was so nice. After that, we quickly became good friends. Over the years, she has become my best friend. She is the one I tell everything to. The one who I can call when I'm crying about a boy and she will be over 10 minutes later and spend the whole night with me (which has happened on multiple occasions before). The one who knows my deepest secrets and doesn't tell a soul. The one who knows all my flaws but is still always here for me. She is the most amazing person. We have been though so much together. Whenever I start to get stressed about school or about something irrational, she helps me get through it. She's one of the few who can actually pull me out of my anxiety. She gives me advise about boys, school, other friends, faith, drama, and family. A couple of months ago I had to do the hardest thing within our friendship and tell her that I will be moving in June. After I told her, we both broke down and cried for 45 minutes. She lives 10 minutes away from me but in 7 months, we will be 750 miles away from each other. This is going to be a big transition, but I know that we will get through it. We've had so many great memories together. A majority of them deal with me tripping or falling (I'm really clumsy) and we would both laugh at myself. Or up in Michigan at Paw Paw Lake when we would go on the jet ski and Maddie would be worried about crashing into other boats when I would drive. She likes to laugh at me because I'm a really big nerd and I over explain things all the time :) I honestly would not know what do without her. She has helped shape me into a better person and is always looking out for me. Nowadays there are so many fake people that just like to use you, therefore I thank God everyday that my best friend is a genuinely good person. I know that I can always lean on her and that she will be here for me in my time of need. I love you Mads :)

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