Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas was pretty good! Yesterday morning my aunt had a medical scare (she is okay though!) so that was on our minds all day. I just wanted to make sure she was okay! It was enough to make my Christmas good to know that she was going to be fine. :) So yesterday was a little chaotic but we are all alive and healthy so thats a good Christmas blessing! Got to be thankful for the small things! Today we had my grandparents over and some family friends form California. I got to rest a lot today which is good. These hot flashes from my POTS is getting really annoying though. Its like one minute I'm shivering and the next I'm so hot. My parents totally pulled off Christmas even though all of my medical stuff and hospital trips have been getting in the way. I got clothes from Pink, an infinity scarf, a stuffed animal lamb, a silver sequin throw pillow for my bed, a necklace, more Bobbi Brown makeup, and the new blue iPod touch. :). 

Being at the hospital last week made me realize how grateful I need to be for being able to be home for the holidays. I pray everyday for the sick little kids that I saw in the pediatric wing. I hope that everyone else's Christmas was blessed, great, and healthy!


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