Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Heading Up To Mayo!

*This is from yesterday, didn't have time to post :)*
So on Friday, Mayo finally called and told us to come up Monday since I would be seen Tuesday. I’m excited but really nervous at the same time. I’ve been in so much pain lately and the last thing I want to do is get touched and poked by a bunch of different people. As soon as we found out that we would be going up to Mayo today we called my dad and told him the great news. Luckily, he took time off from work and flew home yesterday! Now he gets to come up with me to the hospital :) . So since Kevin had the day off from swimming yesterday he came over and met my dad. He was so nervous; it was pretty cute :). We just sat on the couch, cuddled, and played Mario Kart the whole time haha. I totally beat him ;). Next Sunday he might come over again to bake Christmas cookies with me. Then were going to hang out a lot over winter break too. It’s going to be fun :).  Anyway, wish me luck at Mayo!


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