Sunday, December 23, 2012

Over all Mayo Trip; Christmas Eve Tomorrow!

Mayo Clinic diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, Scoliosis, Migraines, and an autonomic dysfunction called POTS. I have to go back for a week in February, the week of my birthday actually. I love Mayo. The doctors are AMAZING and I was well taken care of. I saw at least 10 doctors and had 5 tests done. It was a long week. I have had so much support from my friends and family its unbelievable! It's times like these when you realize how many people care about you and are here for you. I have a plan now to get better. Here's a compiled list of everything the doctors told me to do.


  • Isometric exercises
    •   Hold for 10 seconds
    •   1 sets of 2 repetitions
    •   1 times a day 
  • Aerobic exercises
  • No high-impact sports
  • TENS unit
  • Contrast baths for wrists/ankles
  •  Take 2000 IU Vitamin D
  •  Drink milk

Autonomic Dysfunction/POTS
·     Drink
o  Ice water
o  Drink 8oz of salty fluids 10 minutes before getting out of bed
o  G2 – (put weeks worth by bedside)
o  Propel0
o  2-4 Liters
§  2 Liters at least of water, 2 or more of other fluids.
·     Eat salty food
o  Pretzels
o  Pizza
o  Cheese
o  Soy Sauce
o  Popcorn
o  Pasta
o  Potatoes
o  Nuts
o  Cereal
o  Pumpkin seeds
o  Sunflower seeds
o  Beef jerky
·     Medication
o  One tablet before I get out of bed
o  One tablet at noon
·     Have a meal-snack schedule

Type of Eating
6 AM*
10:30 AM
1 PM
3:45 PM*
6 PM

* After workout.

·     Exercise
·     Morning
o  Large muscle exercises after getting out of bed
§  Squats, arm curls, going up on tiptoes, etc.
§  Keep arm weights in room
§  Goal: 25 each morning
·     Afternoon-Aerobic
o  Start: 5 minutes of treadmill
o  Add 1-2 minutes onto workout time every 2-4 days until 30 minutes is reached
o  6 days a week
o  After school/When tired
o  Has to be upright
·     All day
o  Can be non continuous
o  Total of 30 minutes
o  Has to be upright
·     Maintain a schedule

So hopefully by February I should be feeling better. Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I can't believe it! Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. I'm going to my grandparent's house (dads side) at noon for Wigilia, and then to my other grandparents house for yet another Wiligia. Both sides of my family are Polish and Slovakian so we have a lot of traditions! Then, at 11pm we go to midnight mass. It is a very long day. The day of Christmas we have family over and just relax since we are all so tired from the day before. I am so excited! I will post pictures later this week!


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