Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Past Couple of Weeks...

This past month has been insane. After I got back from the hospital, it was Christmas, New Years, & back to school. This past week I've been working on developing a schedule with help from my therapist (psychologist). It's so hard because not only do I have to deal with trying to maintain normalcy in my life, I also have to incorporate everything my doctors are having me do to get healthy again. These next couple of weeks will be rough, so much to adapt to.

Boys. Okay so I'm moving in 5 months. Thats pretty soon. I've been single for like, 9 months-ish. So of course as soon as I'm getting comfortable with the idea of moving, a lot of cute guys have been talking to me lately and have been hitting on me. GREAT. Like come on guysss, I haven't had a boyfriend since April of last year. NOW is when you want to go out? So I obviously have a choice to make. Get a boyfriend and be with him as long as possible or wait 9 more months to meet the guys in my new town. I honestly don't know what to do. I think I'm just going to let things happen and if I end up with a boyfriend before I move, great. If not, whatever. Being single is boring though. I shall wait and see.

Health. I've been doing okay. Not great, not horrible. Okay. I've been trying to go to school for around 2 hours a day. Last Wednesday I made it the whole day, which was all great until I couldn't get out of bed the next day! It's been rough mentally. For example, I have to remember to push myself to a certain extent and that nobody is expecting me to be 100% healthy again. I'm going back to therapy for my anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. I love my therapist. She's so nice and she's helping a lot with the mental perspective of EDS/POTS. I've been feeling a little better but it's definitely a process.

Upcoming Mayo Clinic Trip. My next scheduled trip is set for February 10th-16th. I will be doing an intense 5 day anxiety treatment course. Each day of the course is 10-12 hours long! On top of that, I'll be doing physical therapy 1-2 times a day. I'll also be seeing another doctor regarding my current medications. I'm going to be really busy up there! I'm actually really excited to go back because I love my doctors :)


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