Sunday, February 10, 2013

Here We Go, Mayo Clinic Trip #2.

I am going back up to Mayo Clinic for the week. I have doctors appointments, physical therapy appointments, and an intensive anxiety course. When I was there for my first visit, the psychologist said that I have extreme anxiety and recommended this course to me. The course is going to be 5 days long (she said 1-2 weeks so we will see, so far I am only scheduled for 1) and each day will be 12-14 hour days. Since I am going to be seeing my doctors again, I made a list of things I would like to bring to their attention. Specifically, the possibility of Fibro. Most of the people I have talked to with EDS also have POTS (I have already been diagnosed with this) & Fibromyalgia. So I looked up the symptoms and it seems like I could have it. Of course, I'm obviously not a doctor and neither is WebMd so I plan on just asking my doctor about it :). In the past 8 months-ish my "foggy brain" has been getting worse and worse. Lately I've been finding myself staring into space before I click back into reality, not being able to think straight, and having to read something over and over until I'm not reading it blankly. Sometimes I have to read the same 4 words at least 6 times before my brain registers what I'm actually reading. It is so weird but I know I'm not making it up/all in my head. Like when my mom is talking to me I just space out and I can't quite grasp onto what she's saying until I snap out of it. I promise though, I'm not crazy and I can't help it. Hopefully Mayo will have some answers! I'll try to post on here as often as I can during this upcoming week with updates. Please pray/keep me in your thoughts! Thank you all!


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