Sunday, March 24, 2013

Physical Therapy!

Monday I have an appointment with a doctor at a physical therapy place. He is going to decide what my plan will be and if they can even treat me. I'm hoping that they can because he sounds like a nice doctor! I really need to get into physical therapy though. I'm starting to get used to the constant pain, sad to say. I kinda just expect it now.

Updates on everything else:

Friends: Okay so Maddie and I are good (missed her lots!), Anthony and I are still really close and are planning on hanging out soon, Tyler and I are going to hangout over spring break (movies or something) but he's making me pick where we go so I have to think!

School: I have so much to catch up on and it's so stressful. I honestly haven't been this stressed before. Considering pulling an all nighter to try to get some of this done.

POTS (Dysautonomia): This has been getting worse and worse. I suppose I just have to wait for it to stabilize and stop getting worse. I'm just so sick of the constant tachycardia and blacking out and almost fainting.

EDS: The EDNF conference is in August and I really want to go! A lot of my EDS friends are going and I can't wait to meet them! I get so much support through them and consider them as my zebra family. They're lovely people.


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