Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. It has been pretty chaotic and busy!

My trip up at Mayo was pretty good. I spent a lot of time talking to my therapist (2 sessions a day) & physical therapy (1 a day). Tuesday (12th) was my birthday and all of my family mailed my gifts to the hotel! It was a great surprise! I had birthday dinner with my mom but didn't feel good so it turned out to be only a 20 minute dinner. Wednesday I got really sick and slept all day and had to cancel my appointments. Throughout the week, all of the doctors I had seen suggested that I sign up for the PRC. The PRC (Pain Rehabilitation Program) is a 3 week long rehab course. It would teach me how to cope, do physical therapy twice a day, and it would be with adolescents who also have chronic pain. It would be 8am-5pm each day for 3 weeks. I would stay in the Ronald McDonald house with my family and the other patients with their own families. The course offers 20 hours per week of parental and sibling coping courses. It would give me a good chance to get physically better, learn how to manage my conditions, and bond with others who have similar conditions. I actually visited the current group of patients and saw how the program was run and I really liked it! I think it can be really helpful for my situation. Since the waiting list is long it will most likely be over summer. 

2 days ago I dislocated a rib. It was my first rib dislocation and it hurt like crazy. I couldn't breathe and could barely move, it was the craziest thing. Then, after I popped it in, the left side of my rib cage was like sticking out. It took a while but I somehow fixed it. The whole situation was weird. #EDSProbs .

I feel like I've lost a lot of friends lately but I don't necessarily mind. Well, I haven't lost them, I just don't trust them. I only have like 2 friends I can trust. Well, girl friends. I have like 5 guy friends I can trust. I just feel like if I really needed them, they wouldn't be here for me. I guess it just comes with growing up and having a chronic illness.

I've been working really hard at school. I should still graduate on time if I keep this up. I have a semester and a half of work to makeup. I'm very dedicated and willing to work as much as possible!

Tomorrow is a snow day! Yay! Were supposed to get a lot of snow! I'm excited!
Again, sorry for not posting a lot. I'll post more often. :)



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