Sunday, April 7, 2013


Alright. I'm just going to list off everything and explain whats going on.

Rib Cage: The left side of my rib cage is sticking out. I've talked to 5 EDS friends, my cousin who is a nurse, my cousins husband who is a doctor, and every family member and they have no clue what is it but they all say something is really wrong. A part of it is pressing up against my lung I think and I'm getting such bad chest pain. I'm going to see my primary doctor tomorrow to see what to do.

Tendonitis: I've had patellar tendonitis since October and it won't go away! I'm going to ask my doctor about it tomorrow and see what he says. I really hope I won't have to have surgery.

Splints: I think I'm going to get some. My fingers are always hurting and I've heard it helps. 

Shoulder Brace: I'm so excited to get it! It's a double shoulder Sully brace. My PT ordered it and it should be here soon!

Physical Therapy: I've been working really hard at physical therapy doing isometrics, resistance bands, neck exercises, traction, etc. It's helping regain some strength and energy :)

I hope everyone is doing well!


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  1. Hi SofĂ­a!! i'm Ivana (@cavil2006 from tw) how are you? so sorry to hear about all these things you been experiencing lately, the rib cage it's really new to me, never had that, but we tend to have parts of our bodies popping out of places, you should definitelly consult your doctor. About splints, they are excellent, i tend to sprain my fingers all the time (the other day with the door of a taxi, and after that trying to open a water bottle) so i use them a lot!! From my experience i've dealt with knee pain since i was 16 and it has helped a lot doing Tai chi, and meditating for a while, great disciplines!! another thing i totally recommend not to sprain so often is to use Juniper cream (by swiss just)before excercicing or when you pull a muscle or if you sprain something (have those a lot). Hope everything gets better, let us kow how things are going!!! big hug :)